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The External Person of Trust (EPT) guarantees a neutral view, total confidentiality and independence from the company


Set up an EPT system in your company to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts


Several meetings depending on the objective to be achieved


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Dedicated page for the prevention of PSR

By clicking here, you will find 4 video modules on Psychosocial Risks and the role of the Person of Trust.

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What is it about ?

Since a 2012 case law, companies in Switzerland must implement measures to prevent and treat PSR.

In particular, SECO recommends that companies appoint a Person of Trust.

The External Person of Trust (EPT) receives confidentially, by telephone, video or individual interview, managers and employees who request it when they feel involved in a conflict, victims of discrimination, psychological harassment, sexual harassment and/or when they are facing individual or relational difficulties impacting their well-being, integrity, quality of life and performance at work.

By listening, questioning, putting things into perspective, providing resources and seeking constructive and satisfactory solutions, the support person helps employees to make more considered and conscious choices. Depending on the need, he or she will also advise people, help them to implement their actions and/or possibly refer them to other specialists.

We offer you :

Within the context of the EPT system, people may request mediation to resolve a conflict. See our dedicated page for more information.

Otherwise9 relies on a team of persons of trust and internal and external mediators.

External Person of Trust system in which mediation takes place