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Assessment is an essential support tool in all your recruitments and strategic transformations. A thorough competency and motivation assessment can confirm your chosen candidate is the right match for your company.

Our assessment center will evaluate candidates from various angles in order to provide the fullest possible overview of their character and competencies. This method of assessment will be conducted using the criteria that your company has identified as key for the position.



  • Optimize your recruitments and changes
  • Facilitating the position taking up of your employees


Used Tools



6 hours spread over a day



French & English


Our program includes the following methods:

  1. Personal Evaluation:
    Based on the INSIGHT MDI® tool which determines an individual’s behavior as well as:
  2. Skills Evaluation
    Once the appropriate skills for the position have been determined, candidates will undergo an evaluation enabling us to define their skills level for each of the required competencies and the possible areas for development. It is to be noted that we rely on the Lominger competencies method for this evaluation.
  3. Case study
    A case study will be established in collaboration with the client and will be based on the main qualifications and possibly the secondary qualifications required.
  4. Professional Simulation
    Example: the candidate is placed under stress in order to evaluate his ability to work under pressure in a limited time (assessment of listening ability and argumentation, ability to handle conflict situations).
  5. Recommendation
  6. Feedback