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The aim of mediation is to accompany and support people or groups of people in conflict so that they can find common solutions to improve their situation


Several meetings depending on the objective to be achieved


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What is it about?

Mediation is an alternative method of conflict resolution. It is a tool for good corporate governance. It allows a fair, fast, efficient, totally confidential and inexpensive treatment of internal conflicts

Otherwise9 offers a neutral approach to allow people in a conflict situation to express themselves on what is happening to them.

The mediator is trained and certified by the Swiss Mediation Federation.

Participation in mediation is voluntary and exchanges are confidential.

Through the mediation process, the mediator fosters listening and exchange of views, and then encourages people to explore and agree on solutions acceptable to them.

The mediator does not offer or propose any solution to the parties in conflict. He does not give his opinion, unlike an expert; he does not make proposals, unlike a conciliator, and he does not settle the dispute, unlike an arbitrator or a judge.

Mediation can take place within the context of an External Person of Trust (EPT) system if the persons concerned request it. To find out more about the scheme, see our dedicated page.

Person of Trust system in which mediation can take place



Facilitation is about helping a group to achieve a common goal


Several meetings depending on the objective to be achieved


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What is it about ?

Facilitation helps a group move from unstructured discussion to the concrete and effective achievement of a common goal. It builds trust, fosters strong bonds between group members, and allows everyone to feel useful and contribute to a challenging goal.

Although it is similar to animation and coaching, facilitation is distinguished by an approach centered on the “collective” principle and by the emulation it generates within the group.

The facilitator accompanies the group in understanding their common goals and helps them to organise themselves and achieve these goals. He/she uses collective intelligence tools and techniques to facilitate the sessions.

Otherwise9 proposes to accompany your team in order to :

  • Stimulate group or project dynamics
  • Accelerate the achievement of concrete results
  • Encourage a participative and innovative approach
  • Develop collective creativity
  • Inspire new perspectives and revitalise a project
  • Structure a moment of collective intelligence
  • Conducting transversal co-creation processes

We offer a neutral, listening and caring posture to guide, facilitate and move the process forward.