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CH-1205 Genève

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OtherWise9 supports your teams, managers or employees in achieving their professional goals.


  • To develop the performance of your employees, managers and teams
  • To strengthen the sense of belonging and motivation


6 to 10 sessions of about 1h15


French & English

Coaching develops employee effectiveness and improves profitability. It allows a clarification of objectives in relation to the expectations of the company and the manager.

To do this our certified ICFIDC coaches highlight the resources and potentialities of the coached person in respect for they values. Thus they can bring out relevant solutions and improve their performance and well-being in the company.

Coaching we propose to companies and also privates consists of a direct accompaniment in the following fields: : 

  • Decision making
  • Conflict management
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Motivation
  • Skills development
  • Achievement of the objectives set by the company
  • Agility development
  • Self-marketing
  • Support during a taking up of a position
  • Leadership development
  • Awareness and potential development
  • Time and priorities management