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« Insights »

INSIGHTS MDI® is an assessment tool that allows a better knowledge of oneself and others. It is a method of identifying the preferences, strengths and possible improvement areas of each person.

The analysis of the results leads the person to better understand how they work and interacts with their environment and to adapt their behavior favoring they relational efficiency within their team.

INSIGHTS allows:

  • Recognize and develop own potential
  • Analyse work environment
  • Optimize communication within the team
  • Support organizational development
  • Optimize relationship management between colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers
  • Become aware of one’s strengths, motivations and areas of development

« MBTI »

MBTI®, , the most used personality test in the world, brings solutions in personal development and human interaction, a perception and interaction with the world. It shows one’s preferences and motivations. It provides a solid foundation for personal evolution and development.

MBTI allows:

  • To develop managerial skills
  • Change management
  • Optimizing communication
  • Strengthen team cohesion
  • Facilitate internal mobility

« Agile Profile »

L’Agile Profile® makes individuals and teams aware of their ability to implement the three fundamental postures of agility:

  • Anticipation
  • Cooperation
  • Innovation

L’Agile Profile® could be used during a coaching process, a training or a team building. It allows:

  • Developing adaptation capacity
  • Awareness of environment importance

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