The purpose of team building is to improve the operation and cohesion of a team, specify the roles and responsibilities of its members, and increase everyone’s potential in order to reach a higher level of performance.

Team building also supports individuals during transitions and periods of change, as well as in overcoming a crisis within a company.

Our method, quick and coherent, supports teams in their development of essential behaviours to act efficiently together on a long-term basis during various situations.

OtherWise9 organises and ensures tailor-made team building activities to optimise relationships between members of your teams and develop their efficiency, creativity and productivity.

Identify strengths and areas for improvement (targeted interviews)
Alternation of team work and simulation, role play and recreational activities

Gospel, Giant fresco, Cooking, Djembé, Improvisation, Play Roles, Games, Dancing

Highlight key aspects of the dynamics and functioning of the team
Identify motivational tools and reinforcement of team spirit
Federate team members on the basis of common goals
Get to know each other better and work together