OtherWise9 offers tailor-made, highly valuable outplacement services to support your employees towards the realisation of a new professional project. Our team of hand-picked professionals provide resourceful support to your employees in their career transition. Offering your employees an outplacement program improves relations, provides a tool for further negotiation and enhances the image of your company.

Our assets:

Support focused on the individual
A solid network
Alternation coaching/consulting/mentoring

More than just a straightforward outplacement program, it is divided into five stages built around a well-structured process in order to guide thinking, promote strengths, achieve aspirations, and ensure a long-term professional repositioning:

Initial contact

We welcome candidates and present to them the outplacement program.  This is a listening phase where time is taken to answer questions and reassure the participants about their professional future. If need be, it is also during this first phase that we adjust our program to the specific needs of our candidates.

Personal, skills and career assessments

Skills assessments coupled with personal evaluations enable us to fully understand the participant’s situation and to assist in identifying his/her strengths and transferable skills in order to regain self-confidence.  This phase is also designed to support the candidate during the period of professional insecurity by helping explore the various issues and proposing solutions or, when necessary, outside help.  Our consultants are certified on tools such as MBTI or Insights (personal and behavioural assessments) thus allowing candidates to receive adjusted support

Drawing up a professional project

Once the assessment has taken place, we design a professional project with the individual that may take several forms. It could be within the scope of his/her current career or in the context of a completely new career for example during the creation of a new company.

The professional project is then confronted with the participant’s strengths, weaknesses, motivations and values whilst taking into account potential barriers and underlying resources.  In order to determine the feasibility of the candidate’s professional project and ultimately to offer a clear, structured solution, the market situation will also be taken into consideration

Preparation for the job search

Once the professional project has been approved, we assist the participant in his/her search for employment.  This process involves drafting a CV and cover letter, deciding upon a search strategy, use and optimisation of networks and finally preparation for interviews.

During an active job search, we support candidates before and after interviews.  We review the CV and cover letter whilst taking into consideration the particular role and analyse the company as well as the recruiter’s expectations.  In order to prepare the candidate, we then carry out a job interview simulation with a view to provide the candidate with an analysis of their strengths and those areas that may be improved.

Return to employment

This last phase is designed to provide support to the candidate in his/her new venture.  Initially, we assist in negotiating the terms of the contract and thereafter we accompany him/her during the induction period.  The candidate will then be entitled to two coaching sessions that can be used at any time within a six-month period once he/she has taken up his new position.